Investment is best generic monitor of market confidence

Despite commentators trying hard to talk everything down, we saw good activity and scooped Award

22 December 2016

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As we start to think about closing the shutter on 2016 and preparing for the Christmas vacation it provokes thoughts on a year that has felt somewhat unprecedented on the subjects of “uncertainty” and “waiting to see”. At the start of the year, just as there was a feel good factor that the market was starting to resume some vestige of normality, my investment colleagues, whose market is the best generic monitor of market confidence, started to feel the lowering of the anchor as investors became increasingly aware of the looming Brexit Vote. I confess that I would have lost my bet if I had wagered any money on the outcome.

That said I do observe that most major schemes, particularly those providing any form of infrastructure or regeneration in Wales has the European Flag on display endorsing the support we so often have enjoyed.  I wonder where the money for such projects will come from in the future.

I was pleasantly surprised in preparing for the next year to hear that my colleagues had felt that the market was quick to settle and business resumed some normality in reasonable time.  This was despite so many economic and political commentators trying hard to talk everything down.  We saw good activity and I congratulate my agency colleagues in their work in contributing to some of Cardiff’s most notable deals and the recognition that was brought in the Estate’s Gazette Award of 2016 for South Wales’s Most Active Agent.

Looking ahead, of course more uncertainty is out there but we will get on with it and deliver the best service and support we can to our many, varied and very valued clients.  We have invested in our profile and our premises; we have increased our resource and talent base with new trainee recruits and notable promotions.  We are ready for the New Year and what that brings.

Mansford has expanded its investment portfolio over the last few years. Over this time Andrew West has provided us with a full rating valuation service which has involved giving a view on liabilities prior to acquisitions, as well as conducting negotiations with Valuation Officers on our UK estate. The portfolio includes a wide range of properties from shops, offices and pubs to major leisure schemes. He has been particularly successful in mitigating our liabilities to empty property rate, which has been an issue on acquisition prior to implementing our development and letting strategy. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew's expertise in rating valuation for all property types. The profile of property within his portfolio and the successes achieved are testament to his position as an extremely accomplished rating practitioner.

Leopold Hall, Partner, Mansford LLP