Work Experience with Rhys Prichard

19 July 2023

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I spent a very insightful two weeks of work experience with everyone at Cooke and Arkwright. I was able to develop my understanding of the Real Estate industry which will undoubtedly benefit me with my current university studies and help me decide my career path in the future.

During my time there, I worked with teams across different sectors. Including Retail and Leisure, Offices and Industrial and Distribution. I attended various meetings and viewings all over South Wales.

In the office I worked with the team by conducting research on EG Radius, looking at comparable properties. Using Excel skills, I was able to present this research in a clear, concise format.

I also carried out research in the Retail sector looking at potential options for new Greggs sites in North Wales.

Ultimately, these two weeks have been exceptional for my professional development and establishing some relationships I hope to last.

Thank you for the valuable insight!

- Rhys Prichard, student at Reading University studying Real Estate BSc

Cooke & Arkwright are extremely professional and have carried out a number of successful appeals on behalf of SWP.

Trisha Harris, South Wales Police