Rural Visit

28 February 2023

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Rhian Howells goes on a visit to inspect some fences on behalf of a client.

It was a frosty but beautiful morning to be out and about on one of our rural Estates last week. Site visits included visiting a residential tenant to discuss a fallen tree in the garden, and inspecting some new fencing works at a café car park. This was a slightly unusual fencing task as the Estate’s contractors needed to retrofit some stockproof rylock fencing to an existing post-and-rail fence in order to keep the adjoining tenant farmer’s livestock safe.

The disposal of 120,000 square feet on the Heads of the Valleys Industrial Estate was a particularly satisfying task. The building had been rebuilt following fire damage, and Jeremy Symons and his team were successful in identifying a nearby purchaser looking to expand. The sale price, at £4,000,000, represented a record sale price for a property of this nature in the area, and with great tenacity and endeavour was completed in a timely fashion. An excellent result.

Richard Hayward, Richard Hayward Properties