2017 Rating Revaluation - Rating Surveyor

2017 rating revaluation came into effect on 1st April 2017

The 2017 rating list for non-domestic properties in England, Wales & Scotland came into effect on 1 April 2017. The revaluation has seen some significant rateable value changes across the country although this will depend on property sector & location. It also signals a completely different and much more demanding appeal system in England – Check, Challenge, Appeal. The Welsh Government has yet to decide whether these changes will be adopted from 2018. This will place a substantial burden on the ratepayer to provide accurate and detailed information to support a case for a lower rateable value.

Cooke & Arkwright's work on the current 2010 rating list has yielded savings in rate payments in excess of £60 million.

The new assessments can be viewed here or alternatively please call us for informaion and advice.

Check, Challenge, Appeal

There is concern that the changes will make it much harder for businesses to challenge their rating assessment. A possible three year commitment is required and it will be impossible to determine whether the new assessments are correct and fair without committing substantial time and information up-front.

The three stage process is as follows:

Check - An initial administrative enquiry with both parties exchanging factual details to establish that the property’s rating assessment is based on accurate and up-to-date facts. Where it is not possible to agree facts, the disputed matters will be established. Civil penalties for careless, reckless or knowing provision of false information have been proposed.

Time scale: up to 12 months

Challenge – The requirements of this stage are substantial and must be initiated within four months of the check stage. The ratepayer and the rating surveyor must provide grounds for the challenge with supporting evidence, including comparable rental evidence, to challenge the rating assessment. Following the VOA’s response and a reply by the ratepayer the Valuation Officer will issue a decision on whether the rating list will be changed.

Time scale: up to 18 months

Appeal – If the challenge remains unresolved the ratepayer has the opportunity to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal which will consider and give a final decision. There is a proposed fee of £150-£300 payable to the VOA for an appeal.

Time scale: up to 4 months

It is clear that early preparation and gathering of evidence is crucial to provide the information to the VOA under this new three stage process.  

Therefore, having early professional representation is paramount in order to produce a reasoned case for a reduced business rate assessment and to enable accurate future budgeting for the forthcoming years.

If you have any questions concerning Check, Challenge, Appeal or require advice on any matters relating to your business rates please call our dedicated rating team on 02920 346320

For an in depth analysis of the new business rates proposal please click the following link Check, Challenge Appeal

Mansford has expanded its investment portfolio over the last few years. Over this time Andrew West has provided us with a full rating valuation service which has involved giving a view on liabilities prior to acquisitions, as well as conducting negotiations with Valuation Officers on our UK estate. The portfolio includes a wide range of properties from shops, offices and pubs to major leisure schemes. He has been particularly successful in mitigating our liabilities to empty property rate, which has been an issue on acquisition prior to implementing our development and letting strategy. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew's expertise in rating valuation for all property types. The profile of property within his portfolio and the successes achieved are testament to his position as an extremely accomplished rating practitioner.

Leopold Hall, Partner, Mansford LLP